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The first and only "Inspect on the Plan" solution to solve all aspects of the construction list management problem, efficiently and with ease!

Thank you for visiting our website,, the home of FinishLine, our patent pending Punch List management system, the only technology available where you, interactively, "punch on the plan." Finally, a complete solution to the challenges of punch list management and more. Our solution cuts the overall effort of the entire punch list management problem in half!
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Case Study: DPR Construction

740,000 square feet
11 Floors
360 Patient Beds
12 Operating Rooms
Employs over 1,700 people

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FinishLine in CSI Build 2014

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New Mobile solutions HERE! iPad and Android version 3.3.12 released!

FinishLine is now accessible on more devices. Specifically our FinishLine Pro, 3.3.12 software for iPad, Android and PC Tablets has been released and is fully compatible with the on-line version.  You decide which hardware works best for you!!  Click here for more info

FinishLine and Active3DB become Motion Computing MVP!

Motion Computing recently accepted Active3DB, LLC, and FinishLine as a Motion Valued Partner. We'll be sure to keep you informed of new offerings from this leader in field services hardware

FinishLine expands solution across the country and across the globe. Can you say "Santiago" or  "Mozambique"?

We now have projects in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, New Orleans, Texas, Washington State, California, Hawaii and in....

Mozambique, Africa - FinishLine is being used in the construction of housing units in Africa. "Dorothy, we aren't in Kansas anymore"

Check out our Ad in Building and Construction Magazine

Harvey builders used FinishLine on the Biological and Computational Science facility featured in the adjacent article Click here

FinishLine Pro is available on iPad2, Android, and PC Tablets. Request a Demo Key today.