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Blog: October 25, 2018

Do your punch lists keep you up at night?

Beware! In the spirit of celebrations, this blog is ridden with Halloween puns. Proceed with caution.

You know the final punch list is coming up, and it scares the living daylights out of you, because quite frankly, you are still in the dark ages of cryptic paper lists that have to be stirred into a cauldron of bloody “not so magical” spreadsheets.

You can barely sort out the newts from the warts, and you just hope that this witches' brew of information somehow sorts itself out.

If only you could find a way to break out of this insane asylum of meaningless, wasteful work that typically goes along with punch lists...

10 signs your punch list system is doomed:

1. Autumn winds blow inspectors’ punch list papers into a maze of spider webs, and those spiders are big and hairy, with huge eyes, and they bite. We dare you!

2. Your inspectors’ photo documentation is like roaming through a house of horrors.

3. Deciphering hand-written notes is worse than the head-turning scene in The Exorcist.

4. There are so many people meddling with your spreadsheets that you just want to dunk your head into a bucket of water to bob for apples.

5. You’ve spent so many hours plucking away at data entry, you may as well be cast as a zombie in Night of the Living Dead.

6. Extracting data from your spreadsheets requires a harvest moon and a black cat.

7. Compiling and sending assignments to subcontractors requires the skills of a Machiavellian messenger.

8. Trying to provide clarifications to subcontractors or reporting to project owners is worse than getting your candy stolen on Halloween.

9. Your data is such a mess that you resort to spicing up your pumpkin pie charts.

10. Printing out and distributing spreadsheets makes you want to scream.

Ready for a punch list app upgrade?

When you’ve had enough of the tricks without the treats, head over to the punch list solutions page to find out how to escape the madness, for once, and for all.


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Do your punch lists keep you up at night?