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Improve construction safety management

Most companies using FinishLine Software to manage construction inspections also have a Safety Director or Safety Manager who’s responsible for keeping all workers safe on the jobsite. They are most likely using some form of technology to log and track safety issues. If that’s the case, why use FinishLine to track safety?

Well, we’re glad you asked. Imagine you are out doing inspections, and you notice a section of scaffolding that appears hazardous. You likely have 3 options:

1. Ignore the safety hazard and continue inspecting (yikes)
2. Call the Safety Manager or someone else to take care of the problem

3. Find the safety app on your iPad and record the issue

If you made a phone call to the Safety Manager, chances are it took several minutes of your time to ring through and explain a problem. If you used another app, you had to find the app, remember your password, login and record the issue.

We are going to suggest a different option: Use a punch list app to record the safety issue

Why brother tracking safety issues in your punch list app?

Think of your punch list app as the super convenient way to flag safety issues with the least amount of effort. When you’re out in the field already doing inspections, FinishLine allows you to keep your flow of work going without getting off track noting safety concerns.

With FinishLine, you can very quickly document the SAFETY issue and assign it to your Safety Manager. You can add photographs and comments to very quickly capture all the information they’ll be looking for. As with other items in FinishLine, the location will be assigned to a location on the plan view, making it easy to find the safety issue. No stopping to make phone calls or looking for another app on your device. No guilt for not reporting a problem because you are too busy. And more importantly, you’re helping your team to make the job site safer.

But wait…You’re probably thinking, this is a total waste of time. The safety people need to do their job, and they already have a system.

Tracking Construction Safety issues

While this may be the case, remember that SAFETY is everyone’s job. By capturing SAFETY issues in FinishLine, you can take advantage of FinishLine’s automated reporting system to send out safety reports on a regular basis* (whether that’s once a day/twice a day/or weekly, etc). Now your Safety Director has the assurance that there are extra sets of eyes keeping everyone safer on the jobsite.

If your group does not have a safety system in place, contact us about setting up safety inspection types to suit your needs. Remember that with FinishLine we can build any type of safety punch list or checklist to suit your requirements.

To implement Safety inspections with automated reporting, send an email to [email protected], with subject line: AUTOMATE SAFETY.

*Data collected in FinishLine must be synced to the cloud before running up-to-date reports


See punch list solutions in action.

Don’t gamble on safety – Use Your Punch List App to Track Safety Issues