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January 14, 2019
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March 12, 2019


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Just like love, punch lists can be complicated (but they don't have to be.)

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, is love in the air?

Or not?

Do you love your punch lists? Or, do you hate your punch lists?

While hate is a strong word, we understand that you might despise your punch lists, due to the additional work they typically require.

Just like love, punch lists can be complicated (but they don't have to be).

A few reasons you might be glum about your punch lists this Valentine's Day

Note: a dozen roses might fix some things, but they won't work for punch lists

Communication breakdown

Whether you’re using a punch list app or another system, one of the best ways to improve punch lists is to have clear communication with your subcontractors. A well-run punch list system should make it easy to inspect and to share reports with your team. When it comes to powerful punch lists (and love), communication is key.

Disconnected parties

Poor punch list management often means disconnection between project stake holders like project owners and architects. A true punch list solution should bring all involved parties together on one punch list source, from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting. If your punch lists are more like a horror film rather than a romantic comedy, it might be time for a change.

Roses are red, violets are blue, let's fix your punch lists so you don't lose it with your crew!
Never ending war

Does it seem like you’re spending a ton of time battling at the office, doing data entry after inspecting in the field? A poor punch list system will force you to do extra busy work, which is something we know you don’t have time for. Pat Benatar said that “Love is a battlefield”, but we don’t think your punch lists should feel like an act of war.

Status in limbo

Is your project status consistently in limbo? The lack of knowledge of how a project is going can be frustrating and time-consuming. Don’t play games when it comes to love, or punch lists!


Some punch list management methods are better than others. You deserve a high-quality and efficient punch list system that works well. Imagine being able to quickly document issues in the field and share reports with your team via email in minutes. You deserve grade-A love and the best punch list system out there.

Do yourself a favor and switch to a punch list management system that you will fall in love with!

Check out FinishLine punch list solutions to learn more.


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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, is love in the air?