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February 11, 2019
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While improving punch lists and construction inspections are the focus of FinishLine Software, there's more to us than that. Read on to discover more about the punch list software we develop and how it's been used.


FinishLine Software got its start in 2006 when a prominent Hawaii developer was facing punch list and inspection dilemmas on a luxury high rise condominium project in Honolulu. The company was born when FinishLine Software co-founders Rob McIntosh and Sivan Leoni developed a software solution for punch lists.

Where in the world?

If FinishLine had a passport, it would have multiple stamps! FinishLine has been used to manage punch lists and construction inspections all over the world. While the majority of clients operate in the US and Canada, FinishLine has been used on projects in Bermuda, Aruba, Qatar, Turkey, Mozambique, and Chile. Thanks to FinishLine’s flexibility, the app can be configured into other languages.

By the numbers

The project with the most punch list items in FinishLine has 119,385 punch list items to be exact, which was used on a long term and large-scale hotel project.

No seat limits

Unlike most punch list apps on the market, a FinishLine license covers unlimited users. This licensing model encourages collaboration among all stakeholders. Get project owners, construction management, contractors, architects and subcontractors sharing information on one seamless system all the way through to close-out.

Super shortcuts

Shortcuts in FinishLine save users time. Quickly add repetitive punch list items with the Favorites option, as seen in this quick tutorial video. Inspecting a larger project with multiple units? Post QR codes outside each unit, scan the code in the FinishLine Pro App, and you’ll be taken directly to that Plan View.

When an architectural plan won't do

Are you inspecting a complex architectural facade? Use a photo in place of a plan. You can also punch on images such as P&ID diagrams and calendars.

What about FF&E?

You can efficiently inspect and track Furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) in FinishLine during projects and beyond the final closeout. Adding photos can be especially useful when tracking quality issues for hotel lobby furniture or a guest room to communicate details to team members for issue resolution.

Access to project data

An extra bonus for active FinishLine customers is accessibility to project data after the project is closed out, at no additional cost. Whether months or years down the road, should some aspect of the building come into question, the information is available for easy retrieval.

We hope you’ve discovered something new about FinishLine and some of its capabilities. Do you have a project in mind that could benefit from FinishLine? Please contact us - we're here to help.


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