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March 12, 2019
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April 23, 2019


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Tracking punch list items by location saves hundreds of hours on and off the job site

“I’m onsite right now and I can’t find the casework issue.”
“Did unit 201 or 202 need the light fixture changed?”

“Which bathroom on floor 3 has the leak?”

Yikes! Sounds like a case of the Mondays.

These are a few things you might hear (or text messages you might receive) if you have a list-based punch list app or a paper and pen system.

FinishLine Software is a location-based punch list app.

Project plans are loaded into the FinishLine Pro App so that all punch list items are located on what we call plan views. Think of project plans as maps that show exactly where items are located. Access the FinishLine Pro App via most any tablet or smartphone.

Many people are visual learners. Showing where an issue is located exactly on the plan greatly reduces the daily interruptions that can waste time and create unneeded stress for project superintendents and other team members.

While most projects in FinishLine use architectural plans, you can also add punch list items to a photo. This can be especially useful when inspecting complex exteriors, instrument panels, or mechanical equipment.

Another unique feature of FinishLine Software which benefits multi-family projects is the use of space definitions.

When punch list items are created in a specific room of an apartment unit or condo, the data collected for the item recognizes not only the unit number; it recognizes the specific room in the unit. This kind of data collection is especially valuable for project managers who need to pin down issues, such as – why are vanity light fixtures in the master bathrooms of all Type 5 units requiring replacements?

Using the location as a focal point of your punch list adds value for your stakeholders by making work orders easier to understand and reducing wasted time with phone calls and explanations.

Learn more about FinishLine punch list solutions by taking a test drive on your own device.


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