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June 12, 2019
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June 21, 2019


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10 Steps: FinishLine Punch List Kickstart Guide

Whether you’re using FinishLine on a project for the first time, or have been using it for years, this guide provides action steps to ensure success.

1) Signed agreement

Your FinishLine Account Executive will assist with the project agreement(s) and will help clarify any questions you may have.

2) Setup meeting

Meet with the FinishLine Implementation Manager online to review the project workbook and drawings.

3) Submit setup materials

Send your project drawings and the completed workbook to the FinishLine team. For example: you can make modifications to the Inspection Types, Tasks, and Descriptions in the "Super Grid" (pictured below).

4) Install FinishLine on your device(s)

You will receive email with all Usernames/Passwords and the FinishLine Installation Instructions to do this.

5) Distribute usernames/passwords to your team

You may find this admin tool to be helpful when sharing login information to multiple team members.

6) Attend user training

The user training is online and typically lasts about 1 hour. We suggest that project managers, superintendents, and/or anyone who will be managing punch lists attend this meeting.

7) Attend administrative training

The admin training is also online and last about 1 hour, depending on questions. Any team members who will be an admin in FinishLine should attend.

8) Decide how your team is going to share assignments

FinishLine is flexible, so you can share assignments via email, hard copies, or having stakeholders use the FinishLine Pro App. Decide what’s going to work best for your team.

9) Kickoff meeting with your team(s)

Introduce FinishLine and the rollout schedule. If your stakeholders will be using the FinishLine Pro App in the field, make sure they have it downloaded to their device(s).

10) Touch base

Periodically check-in with your group to get feedback and see if they have questions. If your project needs modifications, please reach out to us.

Have questions or need more information?

Please call the FinishLine Support team at 1-888-869-8685, we’re here to help.


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