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June 17, 2019
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How do Subcontractors Benefit From Punch List Technology?

Deciding to adopt a new punch list system is an accomplishment in itself. The on boarding process is key to success and getting buy-in from project stakeholders like subs can be a common challenge when adopting a new construction punch list app.

You may have found yourself trying to convince subs that a punch list app is going to help in the long run, but in reality – it’s true. The participation of subs benefits the general contractor, but it also benefits the sub as well. Showing these benefits to subs can contribute to greater participation when using punch list technology.

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How Subcontractors Benefit from Using a Punch List App

1) Less follow-up

Does “Where’s the cabinet flaw?” or “Which bathroom has the wrong fixture?” sound familiar? FinishLine is a location-based punch list app that enables users to attach photos to items with clear instructions, reducing the need for extra phone calls and texts.

2) Subs only see their assignments

Some punch list apps show subs every outstanding item for a project. Not FinishLine. Powerful user permissions keep it simple, by only allowing subs to view and access the punch list items that they are responsible for (see image below).

3) No surprises

Powerful reporting in FinishLine allows superintendents and project managers to create clear reports for subs. Knowing exactly what needs to be done, means that subs know what to expect for the day, so they can plan accordingly.

4) They can show completed work

When subs participate in FinishLine they can upload photos and add comments to punch list items (see image below). Then there’s a record of their completed work for that day, even after project closeout.

5) See their progress

The FinishLine dashboard allows subs to see the work they’ve done and what’s left to do. Widgets and completion graphs in the dashboard provide a quick snapshot for subs.

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting work done and in a timely and safe manner. The more buy-in you get from subs to use FinishLine – the better. It’s going to make their days go by smoother and there is added value to your team when more people use FinishLine. Unlimited users have always been included with all FinishLine licenses, making it easier for teams to get their subs on board.

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5 Ways that Punch List Management Technology Benefits Subcontractors