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June 21, 2019
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What sets FinishLine apart from other construction punch list apps?

FinishLine Software is a visual, location-based punch list solution. While other punch list apps merely build lists, FinishLine associates each item on a list to a location on a plan. Think of each plan as a map that shows WHERE items are located.

Ready to punch! FinishLine is delivered turnkey – You supply project plans and other information. We do the heavy lifting of setup. On day 1 all users have access to everything needed for inspection.


You hate snafus and so do we! Should a plan get changed after you’ve already recorded punch list items, no problem. We can replace the old plan with the new, and the original items will remain on the same coordinates of the new plan.

Collaboration is key. That’s why a FinishLine Software license covers unlimited users of your choosing. With all stakeholders using FinishLine, there’s no confusion created by different groups each using their own system to communicate issues and status.

Quickly assign punch items to subcontractors via the FinishLine punch list Super Grid. Once you establish the inspection type, associated trade and description of the problem, FinishLine automatically selects the right subcontractor for the job. Or, you can reassign the item to a different sub of your choosing.

Not only can you specify who uses FinishLine; you can set permissions for what users see, and what they can do. Subcontractors are typically allowed to see only plans that contain items assigned to them. They can only report their completed work and/or may add comments. Some users have permissions to create and close out items. Others may only be able to create and edit their own items. Some users may only be able to run reports. It’s up to you to decide.

FinishLine is Checklist ready for pre-pour, framing, in-wall, above-ceiling, and other types of lists you need to keep track of.

Get quick information about your project. The FinishLine Pro app’s navigation menu provides a quick read of item statuses at every level of the project – From overall project down to space, room or unit. Access metric reports that run item counts for a wide array of parameters.

The FinishLine Pro app’s powerful filters allow users to drill down to specifics: Filter by inspection type, subcontractor, initiating party, status and priority – in any combination! Hunting for specifics is fast and easy.

The best part about FinishLine – It’s easy to use! Whether you have tech savvy collaborators or technology resistant users, just about anyone can get a grip on FinishLine.

Seeing is believing! Contact us to get a personalized live online demo. See how FinishLine can bring focus, simplicity and ease to your punch list process.


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What sets the FinishLine Pro App apart from other punch list apps?