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July 11, 2019
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Dive Deeper as a FinishLine Project Admin

FinishLine Support is here to help improve your punch lists and inspections. When projects are first setup, we aim to do a majority of the heavy lifting so that you can punch from day 1.

It's typical to make slight adjustments at varying times during a project. Although some requests may require additional support from the FinishLine team, you may find it useful and, in some cases, quicker to make updates as a project admin.

This blog post reviews some DIY information, if you’d like to hop in the driver’s seat. We understand that when you're in the field, it may not be possible to make certain project modifications, and in that case, we’re glad to help.

How to Add Punch User/Inspector

When you’re notified that your project has been setup and is ready, the majority, if not all of the punch users/inspectors required should be in the system. It’s common that you will need to include additional punch users/inspectors after the initial project setup.

A punch user is typically an inspector or superintendent, who will be adding punch list item assignments in FinishLine. Adding a user to the system is fairly simple and can be done in the Admin area. Click here to access the Add New Punch User/Inspector admin guide to learn more.

How to Add a New Subcontractor Company

Subcontractors in FinishLine are typically only able to view the punch list items they are responsible for. Powerful permission settings in FinishLine limit what they can view, which makes it easier for subs to view, locate, and resolve their punch issues in the field.

The subcontractors you include in the initial project workbook will come preloaded in FinishLine, but you may need to add new subcontractor companies as projects progress. Refer to this recently updated Admin Guide on how to Add a New Subcontractor Company to learn more.

How to Update Drawings (phone a friend)

During your project it may be necessary to modify or change out drawings. Due to FinishLine's location-based technology, the punches that reside on your previous drawings can be moved to the updated drawings. Although you have several capabilities to make modifications to your projects, we are happy to take care of plan view and drawing updates. Please contact support by emailing [email protected] if you need to update project drawings.

We want to make sure that FinishLine is working for you and your team. Although you can make updates to your projects as as Admin, please don't hesitate to reach out to the FinishLine Support team if you need assistance. If you have questions or feedback, let us know - we're here to help.


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