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Using FinishLine to improve unit turnovers

While punch lists are typically associated with the construction period, using punch list and checklist software can also improve and streamline the turnover of apartment units and condos.


A unit turnover can potentially be a high stress time for project stakeholders when important details are often overlooked. Having all of your ducks in a row during that transition will pay off in the long run.

Picture perfect

Using a routine electronic checklist to review the unit and including photos of the finished project can save you future headaches. If issues should arise months or even years later, you will have well-organized photographic documentation of the unit prior to turnover.

Simplify the details

Paper checklists might work for some tasks, but they aren’t the best for a detailed process like a final walkthrough and unit turnover. And if you’re inspecting a larger project, it’s possible to get checklists mixed up between each unit inspection as the day goes on.

Get everyone on the same page

Using a location-based punch list app like FinishLine makes it clear as to what the deficiencies are and where they are located. If issues are noted with appliances or casework during the walkthrough, the inspectors can document that for all to see. Then once the issue is resolved, you can add before and after photos to further back up the work.

No cutting corners

We get it, at the end of a project, you just want to be done with it. The problem with that is, it can be easy to get lazy and cut corners. If you have a pre-defined electronic turnover checklist that needs to be signed off, your team will be more likely to complete all of the necessary steps.

Ease into warranty management

Since employee changeover is common as projects near completion, there is often a disconnect between the construction and warranty period. Rolling FinishLine into the warranty period is easy, since project plans are already loaded and setup. This allows building maintenance staff to report issues if they should arise.

Learn more about FinishLine’s solutions here or schedule a free demo to see it in action.

Photo credit: Maria Ziegler (https://www.schluesseldienstvergleich.eu)


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Managing final walkthroughs and unit turnovers? Electronic checklists can improve the process