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October 3, 2019
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FinishLine Software is excited to announce the newly released integration capability with Procore. This Phase I integration allows for FinishLine reports to be pushed to a selected folder in the Procore Documents repository. FinishLine users can either manually push a generated report through the interface or set it to be uploaded to Procore automatically or on a schedule.

With this latest integration, FinishLine punch list reports can be opened in Procore as PDFs. Users will also have the option to download FinishLine PDF reports from within the Procore interface. This will also enable project team members who exclusively use Procore, to access FinishLine Software reports without having to login to the FinishLine Pro App.

“We recognize the value of using FinishLine Software for punch lists and inspections, in addition to Procore’s project management capabilities. This integration will facilitate information sharing to enable greater team communication and improve overall project QA/QC activities.”

-Sivan Leoni, Head of Development & Programming, Founding Partner

This is the first phase FinishLine Software integration with Procore. Because FinishLine offers a variety of punch list and checklist management features, other types of integrations will be released in the future, as technology is developed and specific client needs are identified.

If you would like to learn more about the FinishLine Software and Procore integration, please contact the FinishLine Support team.


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FinishLine Software is excited to announce the newly released integration capability with Procore