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Frustrated with your punch lists and inspections?

You’ve searched for “the best punch list app”, made comparisons, landed a new inspection tool, and have been using it for awhile. Months, or every years later you may have determined that your punch list app isn’t working as well as you hoped for.

Why? Here’s a few possible reasons…

Lack of stakeholder buy-in

While it can be challenging to encourage total team participation on punch lists, take the time to demonstrate benefits to project stakeholders. Unless someone can see how a tool is going to improve their day-to-day life, it’s unlikely they’ll use it. Outline the real benefits such as: it’ll be easy to locate items in the field and how the clear instructions for project deficiencies will eliminate follow-up calls/texts. In case that’s not enough, here’s a few specific benefits for subcontractors to improve their buy-in.

Some people are “too busy” to use the technology

Although it might take some time for training, learning how to use a punch list app can save countless hours over the course of a project. It comes down to working harder or working smarter, which would you rather do? Using a punch list app with a simple user interface makes training easier, and ultimately saving more time in the long run. If your punch list technology really improves efficiency in the field, show concrete examples to your team. That way they will be more likely to use it.

The punch list app isn’t the right one

Take some time to truly assess whether or not your current punch list solution. Ask your team questions about what is working, and more importantly – what isn’t working. Here’s a few more specific questions to ask when assessing your punch list app efforts.

A small investment for a smart punch list app pays huge dividends when things get crazy-busy, but it’s only if you have the right solution. If your current punch list efforts aren’t working, look more into FinishLine punch list solutions and see how we can help.


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Identifying what isn’t working is the first step to finding the right punch list solution