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January 10, 2020
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January 31, 2020


Blog: January 17, 2020

The initial focus of FinishLine Software was to provide punch list solutions, but as emerging needs of the construction industry were identified, new features and capabilities were developed in the FinishLine Pro App. Warranty management was noted as a challenge for many real estate developers and general contractors.

Without a true digital solution, attempts to track and manage warranties beyond the construction period can often become a hassle and time-drain. Depending on regulations from project owners or municipalities, a warranty period can range from months to several years.

Efficient tracking and easy access to warranty data can save companies crucial time as they bridge the construction and warranty periods.

Custom Checklists

Depending on the warranty period for your projects, FinishLine’s flexible system enables users to input and modify checklists. Accessing general warranty deficiencies on and off the job site via a digital system enables all project players to be on the same page. Tracking interior, exterior, and operating systems (HVAC, plumbing, etc.) become routine with a digital solution like FinishLine.

Set the Inspection Schedule

Using a location-based solution like FinishLine enables users to assign specific inspections to individual units or to a general area. Then, after inspections are completed, the outstanding items can be shared via email with subcontractors or other project stakeholders for resolution.

Supporting Documentation

When teams are conducting inspection walks and owner PDI walkthroughs, it’s crucial to have detailed and organized documents as checklists are completed. Signature captures and photos can be included with specific warranty checklists in FinishLine to provide additional information for immediate access, or years later, should claims arise.

Transfer License for Building Owners

After the general contractor completes a project, a transfer license of FinishLine is useful for the building owner when continuing to track warranties. This can be especially convenient for multi-family developments or other large scale projects.

A strong warranty management system sets the foundation for easy access to data and documentation down the road. Feel free to reach out learn more about FinishLine or sign-up for a demo.


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