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Blog: February 10, 2020

Using life safety inspection software is key to reducing risk and meeting code requirements, but also provides additional benefits.

Accurate Inspections

Digital checklists built into life safety inspection software makes it easy to assign outstanding items during walkthroughs. Adding photos to items provides clear communication, but also accurately captures the issue and what needs to be resolved. FinishLine’s checklist capabilities allow users to add photos to individual checklist items, as shown in the screenshot below. Using photos can be especially helpful for documenting small details, such as showing that a door gap gauge was used to measure the clearance requirement.


Seamless Team Communication

Once inspections have been completed, inspectors can share reports via FinishLine with subcontractors or the responsible parties to fix the issues in the field. The powerful email report feature shows when reports were sent and when the report was opened by the responsible party. Knowing whether or not a subcontractor received and opened a report reduces the need for follow-up calls and texts.

life safety report tracking

The email tracking report displays valuable information for inspections


Streamlined Sign-Offs

Once subcontractors or responsible parties have indicated their portion of work is complete, inspectors can use FinishLine for sign-offs. Inspectors can add their digital signatures to their sign-offs, which provides an additional layer of accountability and trust across teams when code compliance is at stake.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Data is a powerful tool and it can greatly influence how you manage your team and how tasks are completed. If particular item types are continually rising, you’ll have the facts and figures to determine a solution. Searching for trends based on your experiences alone can be limiting, while data provides a calculated look into the type of completed tasks and outstanding items. The FinishLine dashboard gives project stakeholders important data with meaningful graphs and charts.

Learn more about how to improve your life safety inspections. FinishLine’s integrated platform supports life safety solutions across numerous project types, whether it’s in hospitals, schools, hotels, or multifamily housing.


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