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Strategic decisions on how you roll out and conduct inspections can have a lasting impact on the quality and timeline of your projects.

Review and update inspection terms

Improving inspections starts before you’re in the field. Use clearly defined punch list and inspection terminology that all project stakeholders understand and agree upon. Keep your inspection details straightforward to improve overall team communication.

improve inspections

Review and update inspection terms with stakeholders


Use QR Codes to locate floor plans

Due to the repetitive nature of floor plans with multifamily housing and high rise projects, users often add inspection items to the wrong project area. FinishLine Software includes QR code capabilities so that users can quickly scan a code outside a unit, which brings up the relevant and correct floor plan. Check out the short video below to see QR codes for inspections in acton.


Use automatic reports

After you’re done inspecting in the field, now the real fun begins: sharing reports with subcontractors and project stakeholders! This is often a time-consuming part of the process. Using automatic reports enables users to schedule reports to be sent on regular basis (hourly, daily, weekly, etc).

automatic notifications

Automatic reports takes the guesswork out of sharing assignments


Use data to gain visual insights

Whichever process you’re using, learning more about your project will save you time and money. Data is a powerful tool that is frequently overlooked when deadlines are approaching. The pie chart displays the most common punch item in the last 30 days. Watch for trends in deficiency issues to determine if there's bigger problems to solve with subs. This can save your team costly cleanup and re-inspection efforts.

top subs
inspection insights
Learn more about improving inspections by signing up for a FinishLine Software demo. FinishLine can be used across numerous project types, whether on education builds, hotels/hospitality, or multifamily housing.


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Tips to improve inspections on and off the job site