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April 22, 2020
4 ways to use FinishLine during the COVID-19 crisis
May 12, 2020


Blog: May 5, 2020

The ripple effects of COVID-19 are substantial on numerous levels. This has impacted the construction industry by causing project delays and shutdowns. As teams in some states return to work, this magnifies the importance of communication and efficient construction inspections, while maintaining social distancing.

Construction inspections are the foundation for meeting project timeline goals, regardless of a pandemic. While it's tempting to cut corners to save time on tasks, keeping a high level of QA/QC is important. There's a few ways to speed up inspections to reduce the time spent in the field, while still providing clear reports for subcontractors and other project stakeholders.

Efficient inspection methods

How much time do your inspections take? With social distancing practices, inspectors need to be mindful about the time they are spending onsite near other project stakeholders. Outdated spreadsheet style punch lists or sluggish apps require more time in the field to document and complete inspections, which makes social distancing challenging.

Simply put: your inspectors need to get inspections done faster, while still gathering the important data. Using efficient punch list technology to quickly add and assign items in the field will reduce the time inspectors need to be on the job site. Taking photos and adding them to items will speed up your inspections. Providing clear deficiency instructions will help subcontractors find the issue in the field and reduce or eliminate questions later.

Can you add a punch list item in 7 seconds or less?

Provide clear reports for subcontractors

Once field inspectors have completed their walkthrough, clear reports need to be distributed to subcontractors. Using location-based punch list and inspection technology with photos helps subcontractors find exactly where the issue is in the field, thus reducing the time spent walking around trying to find it.

Detailed punch list reports with the item location, notes, and additional details communicates exactly what needs to be fixed, so that subcontractors can locate the issue quickly, get the job done, and then leave the job site sooner rather than later.

Subcontractor report example

Reduce or eliminate re-inspections

Save valuable time by using calculated methods for inspections and how subcontractors communicate that their work is complete. Some apps like FinishLine enable subcontractors to view their items and then “complete” their work by changing the item status.

Another method to reduce time spent back checking items is to use “before and after” photos for some punch list items. Encourage subcontractors to include an "after" photo of the work they have completed. We understand all back checks can't be done with photos, as more technical issues may require an in-person look. Inspection with photos may be used for simple items like tile imperfections and painting issues at this time to reduce time in the field.

Let the pictures do the talking

The COVID-19 crisis is magnifying how teams work together, both in the physical space and with technology. Silver linings can hopefully be found in the midst of troubling times.

Examining and streamlining your inspections now will reduce time spent in the field as projects reopen, yet it’s also beneficial to save teams time and money when COVID-19 related measures are gradually lifted.

Stay safe out there. To learn more about FinishLine, sign for a free demo. We’re here to help.


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