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June 10, 2020
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July 8, 2020


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As more punch list apps hit the market, it can be challenging to sift through them. Start by thinking about the key features you want your inspection software to have.

When I was looking to buy my first house I had a list of deal breakers that I wouldn’t budge on. I wanted something in a walkable area, with a backyard for gardening, and on a quiet street. This made it much easier to determine if one fit my criteria or not.

Creating a list of must have features is a good place to base your search on, in addition to asking project stakeholders for their input. You can also make a list of less important features or “maybes” which you could go either way on. Here's a few ideas to help with your search.

6 Things Your Punch List Software Must Have:

Efficient Shortcuts

Learn about the timesavers which should be built into the punch list app and how they work. Some shortcuts might sound good in theory, but make sure to try them out to see you’ll actually use them. FinishLine Favorites help to quickly add repetitive punch items like paint drips or casework imperfections (video below). Other shortcuts like default subcontractor assignments for particular items and Copying Items to multiple units can also save inspectors significant time.

Location-Based Technology

The best punch list apps make it easy for users to add items to a project plan or drawing. Then subcontractors can quickly refer to the punch list item location, find it in the field, and resolve it. This also reduces the need for follow-up calls and texts if a subcontractor has questions or needs more information about the punch list issue.

Attachment Options

Check to see that you can add different attachments to punch list items like photos, plan annotations, and other files. Test to see that it is quick and easy to do. Bonus tip: Make sure that you can include attachments in your reports, as a photo can be worth a thousand words.

Powerful Reporting

Speaking of reports, determine what types of punch list reports you can create and send. Check out all of the reporting capabilities available and if they meet your needs. Automatic reporting features which enable reports to be sent on hourly, daily, weekly, etc. is a must have for a punch list app.

Collaborative Features

Find out what types of options bring teams together and make communication easier. Widgets on the FinishLine Dashboard display punch list data using charts and graphs, which you can share with team members or include for OAC presentations.

Solid Support

No matter how intuitive any punch list software is, you’ll likely need help for something from time to time. What are your support options? Run this test before purchasing punch list software, call the support phone number and see how long it takes to connect to a real person.

We hope these 6 ideas will make your search for inspection software a bit easier. If you'd like to learn more about FinishLine Software, request a demo.

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Use this list to help determine what your must have features are for your punch list app.