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June 23, 2020
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Blog: July 8, 2020

FinishLine Software specializes in developing solutions to improve inspections and project closeouts. The initial idea for FinishLine started in 2008, when a prominent developer in Hawaii needed a solution for their punch list dilemma while constructing luxury high rise condominiums.

Co-founders Robert McIntosh and Sivan Leoni met with the developer, architect, general contractors, and subcontractors and identified 3 main problems: inconsistent inspection methods, using different punch list terminology, and inefficient reporting methods.

Read on to learn how a powerful digital inspection solution resolved those issues.

Inspection Methods

Since project stakeholders were using different systems to gather information during inspections, combining all of the punch items into a single report was nearly impossible. This was time consuming and the data entry was often error prone.

A single system like FinishLine streamlined how inspection items were recorded in the field. FinishLine improved how the information was gathered and made it easier to find the issues on project drawings with location-based technology.

Punch List Terminology

Remember playing the telephone game? Someone tells you a message, which you tell the next person, and so on. By the end of the game the original message rarely is correct! This happened during the condo closeout, as there was a communication breakdown about how inspection items were described, which caused confusion and bottlenecks.

FinishLine Software solved the punch list terminology problem by identifying the Inspection type (interior, exterior), inspection task (plumbing, electrical), and inspection descriptions (sink leak, incorrect light fixture). Clear reports with assignments made it easier for subs to fix issues and reduced the need for follow-up communications.

Sharing Reports

Because several different punch list methods were used before FinishLine, the types of information being distributed to subcontractors was inconsistent. How the overall updates were communicated amongst project stakeholders also made close out frustrating.

Comprehensive punch list reports created in FinishLine were shared easily with subcontractors and other project stakeholders. Those reports were distributed in several ways – via email, printed, or subs accessed their items in the FinishLine Pro App. Updated features like automatic reports, help to take the guesswork out of sending assignments.

Twelve years later, FinishLine continues to solve punch list and inspection challenges for many different industries. Conceptually, FinishLine Software is very similar to the initial program, but has evolved over the years with numerous upgrades and enhancements.

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