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July 8, 2020
The Benefits of Using a Dedicated Punch List App
July 22, 2020

Punch List Management: Build a Better Inspection Process

Blog: July 20, 2020

Using a clunky punch list app or a last-minute add on to your construction management software to manage inspections? Like many companies facing the complex task of handling numerous punch list items, it can be a battle to improve inspections. Here are a few things to think about when you are building a more efficient inspection process.

Maintain searchable records

The inspection data in your punch list app should be searchable. For example, can you run a report for a particular task, like a leaky faucet, on a certain date? Day-to-day your punch list app should speed up inspections, but it should also serve as a home for those records. Gain insights into project trends like how long it takes to closeout certain items and which trade type (plumbing, electrical) is the most common.

Identify patterns of unsatisfactory work

As project deadlines approach, maintaining records of outstanding tasks is key to staying on track. Additionally, finding a pattern of frequent punch items like scuffs on appliances or recurring painting issues can avoid costs down the line. Use your inspection app to track trends so you can quickly resolve issues.

Keep corrections on track

A punch list system with robust reporting helps to keep subcontractors motivated so that project deficiencies are fixed. Using before and after photos removes the guess work and reduces the need for follow-up calls and texts, which often arise when there is confusion about punch list details.

Run, don’t limp across the finish line

Ever feel rushed or disorganized as the final inspections get closer? Think about how you want to feel during final walkthroughs. Wouldn't it be nice to feel and be organized during the close out process? Take control of your inspections by reviewing at-a-glance status updates for your projects so you know what needs to be done throughout the project timeline and before the final walkthrough.

How FinishLine can help

FinishLine Software was developed to help construction companies implement efficient and accurate punch list management. Our solutions have been designed to simplify the challenging task of managing project deficiencies throughout closeout. This means that your inspection processes, quality controls, and communication methods can be streamlined.

Our robust systems enable:
- Streamlined communication among project stakeholders
-Dashboard for at-a-glance project status updates

-Automatic reporting to easily share subcontractor assignments

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