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July 20, 2020
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August 17, 2020

The benefits of using a dedicated punch list app

Blog: July 22, 2020

Punch list apps are often lost in the shuffle when it comes to software selection for construction companies. Project estimates and timekeeping for crews often dominate the choice for the type of construction technology, then inspectors may default to using the punch list add on from their construction software management suite of tools. Keep reading to see the benefits of using a dedicated punch list app on your next project.

Inspect with confidence

Using mediocre punch list apps or subpar addons to your existing construction management suite of tools can slow down your inspections in the field. A location-based punch list inspection technology that was specifically designed to speed up walkthroughs will enable you to strategically inspect with confidence. Shortcuts like Favorites make it easy to quickly add common punch list items like paint drips or casework deficiencies.

Keep subcontractors on track

Built in permissions features in FinishLine mean that subcontractors only see the items they are responsible for and what needs to be fixed. The subcontractor portal allows subs to run their own digital report and mark off the items they have completed. They can also add notes, plan annotations, and photos to further communicate additional punch list details.

Eliminate follow-up communications

A robust standalone punch list system makes it easy to have all of your inspection data in one location. As subcontractors and other project stakeholders participate and receive clear instructions, the need for follow-up calls and texts to clarify issues will be eliminated.

Improve team connection

Finding ways to connect with colleagues is important now more than ever. A punch list system which makes it easy to share reports, updates, and data among project stakeholders helps to brings teams together. Team connection is an invaluable resource on and off the construction site.

Build trust with project stakeholders

Knowing that your teams are getting the job done addressing outstanding project deficiencies builds trust overall. When you establish robust inspection processes, you eliminate the need for follow-up communications or micromanagement. Build a strong foundation for your inspections so that everyone succeeds.

How FinishLine can help

Since 2008 FinishLine Software has provided trusted solutions for construction inspections and punch list management.

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Punch list apps are often lost in the shuffle as a digital tool when it comes to software selection for construction companies. Learn about the benefits of using a dedicated punch list app.