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September 1, 2020
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4 Risks of Not Tracking Your Checklists

Blog: September 24, 2020

Tracking closeout inspections with punch list apps is becoming the norm for many general contractors and developers in the construction industry.

Unfortunately, there's a missing piece of the closeout pie: tracking checklists.


Simply put, time. Packed construction schedules are hardly a hospitable environment to bring in digital checklists. Luckily FinishLine comes with pre-formatted checklists which are easy to modify and can be loaded into your projects.

Using digital checklists can help to avoid risky and costly mistakes.

If you still don’t believe us, scroll down to see the 4 Risks of Not Tracking Your Checklists.


Lower quality

Are teams closing up walls before snapping a photo of tape on the HVAC system ducts? How about checking receptable outlets for proper spacing? Checklists create a roadmap to follow and removes the guesswork from hitting high quality standards. When checklists aren’t used, project quality is likely to suffer. Additionally, when you use digital checklists in FinishLine, it becomes a single source for tracking tasks, making it easier to see what's done and what needs to be resolved.

Missing stakeholder input

Subcontractors and all project stakeholders are your number one asset. They are the eyes and ears on a project that go beyond routine inspections. By collaborating with your team on checklists, you will capture crucial input. Powerful user permissions in FinishLine enable subcontractors to view, complete, and add attachments to checklist items they are responsible for, but items out of their scope of work are restricted, making it easy to assign checklist tasks to different trades.

Incomplete inspection data

A lot can be learned and gained from construction inspection data. Deficiency insights, subcontractor progress, and safety tracking are just a few. Information about punch list items can provide a lot of information for project owners, but if checklists aren’t being tracked the overall data picture is likely incomplete. Using a system like FinishLine to track Pre-Pour, In-Wall, or a Buyers Selection checklist will not only reduce errors, but they provide data to gain meaningful insights.

Slower closeouts

Backtracking to gather information during the closeout process slows everyone down. Let the onslaught of email chains and games of phone/text tag begin! We know you don’t want to get involved in that process. Being proactive with checklists helps to speed up your overall closeout process so that you don’t have to spend time trying to retrace QA/QC efforts which could have been done during the process.

Improving project quality, bring project stakeholders together, capturing data, and speeding up the closeout process are just a few benefits from tracking your checklists on a digital platform. Learn more about checklists in FinishLine Software by requesting a demo today.

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Using punch list apps to keep track of inspections during closeout is the norm for many general contractors and developers in the construction industry. But a missing piece of the closeout pie is tracking checklists.