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October 23, 2020
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January 5, 2021

Using FinishLine throughout the Building Lifecycle: Design, Build, Operate

Blog: December 18, 2020

When FinishLine was initially developed in 2006, the software was intended for managing construction punch lists. Since then, FinishLine’s capabilities have extended well beyond the typical final punch or closeout timeline, enabling project stakeholders to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and mitigate liability on many aspects of the building lifecycle while providing years of added value for Owners, operators, and Managers.

Using a dedicated platform like FinishLine from Design to Groundbreak and Construction phases and then into the Operations and maintenance efforts have numerous benefits such as ‘near real-time cloud-based operation’, ‘one source of the truth’, improved collaboration using smart phones, tablets or computers, streamlining numerous Business Processes, lists (checklists, safety, reports), and easy access to detailed records in a database.

Final Punch is only the beginning.

Read on to learn about using FinishLine throughout the building lifecycle.


-Track land or real estate transactions
-Allow design Team members to track Design related issues on the platform
-Publish FFE and other specified items and using as an Asset inventory
-Review mark-up and collaborate with the specifications
-Mange and track warehouse inventory

Design benefits
- Tracking design related issues makes it easy for teams to collect valuable project data early on
-The initial adoption of FinishLine enables an improved handoff into the construction phase

Construction / Build

-Manage punch lists and add photo markups, plan annotations, and signature captures to items
-Use various checklists (pre-pour, in-wall, above ceiling, etc.)
-Track safety issues (proactive and reactive)
-Create and send powerful Reports (deficiency items, tracking items by trades, subcontractor tasks)
-Access project analytics in the FinishLine Dashboard

Construction / Build benefits:
-Increase quality and productivity on the job site
-Improve collaboration among the OAC team and beyond
-Streamline communication by providing clear instructions and proof of issue resolution
-Document records in a database should litigation arise
-Simplify the closeout process

Operate / Management

-Coordinate unit turnovers/handovers/commissioning
-Mange renovations/Capital improvements
-Oversee and implement building Operations and Maintenance, Facilities and Engineering
-Track warranties
-Document FF&E items

Operate / Management benefits:
-Ease the transition process from handover
-Involve project stakeholders at multiple levels
-Improve building efficiencies
-No need to adopt additional software or management tool to continually improve and maintain the property

Bring teams together on one platform and start improving the building lifecycle on your projects with FinishLine's well-tested and proven technology.

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