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February 16, 2021
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February 22, 2021

Outside the Box - Operations & Maintenance (Part 2)

Blog: February 16, 2021

In this third edition of the outside the box Part 2 of Operations & Maintenance and/or Facilities and Engineering series we will be looking deeper into how to utilize FinishLine.

The topic and implementation of O&M can impact multiple areas as I discussed in my last post, from New Construction to Ongoing O&M on existing buildings, along with compliance.

Now let's take a more granular look at O&M from a day-to-day perspective. O&M, Preventative Maintenance, along with Condos and Apartments management.

Day to Day Operations and Maintenance -

The ticketing system in FinishLine Software allows you to have a single point of work entry or a distributed one.  Imagine giving access to issue a work order, repair or other need directly from the person identifying it at the time and place of need versus having to follow a myriad of processes that sometimes hinder a quick resolution to the problem.  

With FinishLine, not only can you assign incoming work in near real time, but it can be automated to contact the maintenance staff immediately and consistently until the problem is resolved. FinishLine can keep pinging the responsible party until the item is completed. In addition, you can develop checklists or even standard operating Procedures (SOPs) for your staff for consistent resolution to your repeated issues.   

Utilize those same checklists and SOPs for recurring or scheduled maintenance as well.   Most important, either generate detailed reports for your internal staff and management or give full or restricted access to management or others to assess in real-time the health of your building and what’s in the queue.

Preventative Maintenance - 

For buildings of all types, you can easily develop timed or sequenced checklists and SOPs for preventative maintenance scenarios of all types.  Whether you are checking hotel rooms on a monthly or quarterly basis or performing PM on your AHUs, Chillers or Boilers you can utilize built in functionality of FinishLine to accomplish these tasks and automate the scheduling of resources to perform the work. 

Add to Finishline the Asset Management module to assist in Commissioning, Warrantee tracking and repairs as well as items ordered for consumable replacement. Imagine being able to look at last year's PM and identify how many fan belts, gallons of paint, light bulbs and other items you needed to procure and being able to procure them in bulk for a discount rather than on the spot purchasing.  For all facets of your preventative maintenance, FinishLine software automates, streamlines and adds information analysis to the team.

Condo and Apartments Facilities Management – 

When Finishline Software lives on beyond your final punch and moves into the building lifecycle there is no limit to what the software can do.

For apartments, imagine having a means to input incoming maintenance requests in the same system utilized to build the apartments and the same system used for asset management of the appliances and other items under warrantee.  Imagine being able to perform digital move-in and move-out inspections with the tenant and get sign off to open items or a ready to move in unit.  Simultaneously having metrics and analytics at your fingertips.

Finishline also currently has dozens of high-rise condos that not only used Finishline software for final punch but also into and through the sales cycle.  In these condos, they utilize Finishline for an owner management or HOA platform.  The owners and operators can utilize the system for checking out resources such as cabanas, BBQs, media rooms, gyms, saunas, aerobics rooms, guest suites, guest parking and a whole myriad of other building services.  In today's Covid world, they also utilize the platform to comply with proper social distancing and cleaning regimens to ensure the safety of the owners and guests. 

There is no limit to what FinishLine software can be used for in ongoing Facilities, HOA or management of condos or apartments.

Robert Bess

Chief Technology Officer at FinishLine



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