Clients share their experiences with FinishLine Software

"Punch items are easy to enter and they're easy to view for our sub-contractors. I especially like how we're able to break down many different reports using many different metrics...FinishLine has been such a useful tool, I shudder to think of what we'd be doing without it!"

- Charlie Wilson, Field / Office Engineer, CORE Construction

"(FinishLine) is a great tool to have in our meetings to really get people motivated."

- Jared Hazard, Project Manager for Construction Services, Aimco, San Mateo, California

"...we have been using the product (FinishLine) with ease. We have had to make some minor adjustments along the way to suit our needs, but Tom (FinishLine Support) has been absolutely great to work with! He always finds a solution when we need support, and he is quick to respond as well. We are still using FinishLine for this project, but it has been a great experience thus far and I look forward to working with you on future projects."

- Eli Routh, Regional Director/Property Management, TRINITAS®, Lafayette, Indiana

"The FinishLine website makes some bold claims about the increased productivity that this product offers. I can honestly say that these claims are accurate if not somewhat understated. We were amazed at how quickly new punch list items could be in the hands of the subcontractors; sometimes within minutes."

- Chris Socha, KBR Builders, Charlotte, North Carolina

"At the time of discovering FinishLine, we were piloting other similar software. FinishLine was introduced to us by way of recommendation…It was clear that FinishLine was a far superior system in comparison to what we were using.”

- Angeline Retzlaff, Quality Assurance Manager, Pagnotta Industries, Edmonton, Alberta

"The entire team at FinishLine was awesome from training, to setting up templates, to the on-going service. You guys did a great job!"

- Sateesh Reddy, Haskell, Jacksonville, Florida

"FinishLine has been an outstanding addition to our construction methods. It delivers the information to the subs and to the field instantly, with 100% clarity. What used to take us three to four days is down to four to six hours. It allows us to go through the unit with more ease. It’s the same all of the time with no interpretation of handwritten notes."

- Raul DeLaCruz, Project Superintendent, BBL Contractors, Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

"Robert (FinishLine President) and his team were very willing to help us customize anytime we asked."

- Larry Stone, Quality Lead (AIA), UW Health at The American Center, J.H. Findorff & Son Inc., Madison, Wisconsin

"I’m a believer! The best thing about this system is the reduction of time spent on paperwork. Because it is web based, information and reports are so easy to retrieve. We are able to customize reports and the graphics provide us with a snapshot of each unit that was punched."

- Wayne Thrasher, Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Inc. General Contractors, Honolulu, Hawaii

"FinishLine is a great product – beneficial to architects especially with high rise projects. It really helps standardize the process, which in turn helps with quality control and associated code and liability issues."

- Benjamin Woo, AIA - Principal, Benjamin Woo Architects, Honolulu, Hawaii

"We're able to significantly reduce the number of trips we make into the plant each week resulting in an annual savings of $10,000 or more. In addition, because FinishLine makes the job of inspecting so much easier, the GMP areas now look better than ever."

- Thomas Choyce, Senior Engineer II, Facilities Department, Biogen Idec, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"FinishLine is a very convenient system, especially when retrieving data. Sorting work orders by responsible parties was quick and effortless. Each work order was customized for each individual sub contractor. Reports could also be generated for the owners. Definitely a plus for multi unit projects.

- Miles Ikeda, Project Manager, Albert C. Kobayashi, Inc., Capitol Place, Honolulu, Hawaii

"I really appreciate your support.....I've never experienced such a timely response from anyone in my several years of professional life."

- Suhas Parrakandy, Lead Document Controller, Hill International, Doha Qatar

"FinishLine allows for collaboration between users. All users can login to one platform & make updates."

- Chris Newcomb, Project Superintendent, Power Construction, Illinois

“When we started using FinishLine it really improved our efficiency on-site and we spent significantly less time preparing documents for distribution.”

Sahin Atila Ozkan (MSc, PMP), Managing Director at PMO, Istanbul, Turkey

“Overall, FinishLine speeds up the project because we are not lagging behind at the end, To have this system in place as a quality-control process throughout the construction has been a huge bonus for us in the eyes of the Corps and the general contractors.”

-Lee Grawcock - Project Manager, Worthington Industries, Texas

"…within 3 months’ time the return on investment (ROI) was there."

Sahin Atila Ozkan (MSc, PMP), Managing Director at PMO, Istanbul, Turkey

“The FinishLine software is working perfectly for our project. The ability to get the progress reports out quickly is saving us an unbelievable amount of time and the engineers in the field are able to cut their inspection time dramatically”

-Warren Leong, Project Manager, Albert C. Kobayashi, Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii

“What amazed me was how easy it is to customize the product. Changes could be made even after the system was in use. The availability of the technical support staff was impressive. They were always there if and when we needed help.”

- Brandon Fujimura, Benjamin Woo Architects, Honolulu, Hawaii

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience with FinishLine. There is a great deal of potential with this program, and the capabilities suit our needs very closely. Additionally, we utilized this program for the first time with a third party General Contractor. Typically, we utilize an in-house GC, but our experience with the third party GC was great. It proved to be useful for both the GC and our Property Management team. They were able to pick the program up very quickly due to it being user friendly. In addition to the program being user friendly, your team is phenomenal.”

- Eli Routh, Regional Director, Property Management, TRINITAS®, Lafayette, Indiana

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