Common questions and answers about FinishLine Software

1Why should I buy FinishLine instead of other software options?

Unlike most punch list management systems on the market, FinishLine is NOT a PDF markup program. Rather, items are located on an x-y coordinate on a layer “above” a plan drawing. This allows for powerful filtering and sorting of data for inspecting and reporting. FinishLine is intuitive with powerful documentation and reporting capabilities that save significant time (see Project Spotlights). Using FinishLine's "punch on the plan technology" results in a 30-40% reduction in time to inspect and coordination between parties is cut by 75%. No more struggling with handwritten lists and spreadsheets. Reports are produced and distributed within minutes via email.

Because FinishLine is powerful, easy to use and requires minimal training, project stakeholders choose FinishLine over other punch list programs.

2How much does FinishLine cost?

Learn more about FinishLine pricing on the pricing page. Please contact us with questions or for more information.

3What is included in a FinishLine license?

All software packages include unlimited users, unlimited inspection types, FinishLine software set up services, project management, online training, and first year web/hosting support.

4What’s the ROI (Return on Investment)? How much time and money will FinishLine save me?

Customers report reaching a 100% ROI before they are halfway though the inspection process on their first project. Most projects have hundreds if not thousand of deficiencies to address, a process which is significantly improved by FinishLine.

FinishLine saves time and money in several ways: 1) Reduces time to inspect. 2) Supports paperless workflow. 3) Collating and communicating open status punch list reports to individual subcontractors done in minutes. 4) Users have access to nearly real-time inspection statuses.

5I have a project starting soon. How quickly can I start using FinishLine?

Once we receive plans and lists as specified by FinishLine, most of our clients are up and running in 6-10 days. The majority of software providers leave it to you to set up their software for your projects. This self-setup leads to late and incomplete inspection setups. FinishLine services assure that from day one of inspections you have a top-notch and “inspection ready” turnkey system. Would you rather have a box full of car parts or the keys to a top-of-the-line race car? We’re guessing the keys. Buckle up.

6How long does training take?

User training for the FinishLine Pro App typically takes about 15- 20 minutes with some time open for questions. Basic reports training takes about 15 minutes. We also provide admin training for the assigned administrator(s) to learn basic back-end functions, as needed. All training is conducted online by the FinishLine Support Team. Watch this short video to learn more about how quick and easy it is to learn how to use FinishLine Software.

7It looks like a lot of big companies use FinishLine, but I’m a specialty contractor with smaller scaled projects. Can I use FinishLine?

Absolutely. Whether you’re a local contractor, subcontractor, landscaping business, or inspecting pre-fabrication and assembly line work, we have you covered. We offer options for managing inspections of multiple smaller scale jobs. As new projects are acquired, you can expand the license to accommodate them. Give us a call at 1-888-869-8685 or fill out the contact us form and we'll be touch.

8Do I need the Internet to inspect a project using the FinishLine Pro App?
No. FinishLine operates in two modes. On-Line and Stand Alone. In the On-Line mode there are no requirements other than those stated above. In Stand-Alone mode, the FinishLine Pro App for iPad/iPhone, Android tablets/Android smartphone devices or Tablet PC is installed on your device. Before field inspection you connect to the Internet and synchronize. After inspection you return to a location with Internet access and synchronize again. This process takes from 10 seconds to 3 minutes depending on the amount of inspection between synchronization. We highly recommend synchronizing as often as possible as other parties may have added or edited information in the field or at the office and it is important to keep everyone on the same page.
9Which devices are compatible with FinishLine?

FinishLine works on iPad, Windows tablets, and Android Tablets. FinishLine also runs on iPhone and Android smartphones. You can also access FinishLine via a PC or Laptop when you’re back in the office or job trailer.

Although FinishLine runs on Windows and Androids tablets, as a general rule we highly recommend using FinishLine on iPad. The main reason is that there is only one type of “flavor” of iPad.

Unlike iPad, Android and Windows tablets come from different manufactures and include tweaks to the operating system. If you’d really like to use a device other than iPad for FinishLine, we recommend that you load the app and test it for 2 to 3 hours to insure there are not any issues. Since there are many devices on the market, we haven’t tested FinishLine on each device for obvious reasons.

All this being said, we have customers successfully using the FinishLine Pro App on various models of Windows and Android tablets.

10What are the specific device requirements to use FinishLine?

We always encourage investing in the latest and greatest technology. Because technology ages, starting with an older device means it will become obsolete sooner, decreasing the value of your investment. We find that iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, and iPad Pro are all very capable tablet devices with FinishLine.

Depending on how many photos you expect to include with punch list items, 32GB should be enough memory. Although if you are inspecting multiple projects with FinishLine, we recommend devices with at least 64GB. NOTE: Keep in mind that memory depends on what other apps you use on each device. Whatever device you choose, it should be compatible with the latest iOS, Android or Windows (full version) operating systems.

For smartphones, the FinishLine Pro App runs on iPhone 5 or later and Android 4 or later. A PC, laptop or Windows full version tablet with browser software that supports Adobe Flash is needed to support the browser version of FinishLine.

11Once my software is set up for inspections am I stuck with FinishLine “as is”?

Our goal in each software implementation is to get your system set up to within 95% accuracy from the start. Once configured, you have the ability throughout the project to dial in punch list tasks and descriptions, modify and add checklists, etc. Our support team is here to assist. We can even swap out a plan if an architectural change occurs, without losing data on the original plan.

12I already have construction management software with a punch list tool. Why should I invest in FinishLine?

Your construction management software may have a punch list module, but it comes nowhere near the capabilities of FinishLine. Most FinishLine customers have popular construction management software systems in place, but they use FinishLine for their punch lists.

Why? FinishLine is a very specific tool for managing lists, and making the software easy to use and at the same time providing ultimate functionality requires intensive development. Construction Management Software emphasizes accounting and financials, scheduling, project management, material management, document management, tools & equipment tracker, bidding, and surety bonding. This same suite of tools offered in construction management software includes a punch List module as an afterthought or add-on. The tool isn’t flexible, requirements are undisciplined, the software is hard to use, and the user ends up with markers stuck to plans, and often leads to more work manipulating spreadsheets.

FinishLine focuses on construction list management like no other software on the market. With its unique "Punch on the Plan" technology and its simple interface, it has no rival. FinishLine is equally capable for punch list, completion lists, safety inspections, pre-drywall, pre-pour inspections. All with the same easy to use tablet/smartphone app that can be learned in minutes. It is the right tool for the job.

13Does FinishLine Software integrate with Procore?

Yes! FinishLine Software integrates with Procore to improve team communication and report sharing. To learn more, please visit the FinishLine Software listing in the Procore App Marketplace which is in the "Quality and Safety" category.

14Does FinishLine Software integrate with Entrata?

Yes! FinishLine integrates with the property management software, Entrata. This integration allows for a work order to be pulled into FinishLine from Entrata when the Status changes to “FinishLine” and then pushed from FinishLine to Entrata.

15Do you have additional questions?

Thank you for your interest. Please contact us and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP.

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