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About Trinitas Ventures

Trinitas Ventures is real estate company focused on university-centric communities located in several locations across the United States. Their multi-faceted operations include the investment, development, construction and property management of residential properties.

We spoke with Karen Caprarella, the Vice President of Property Operations at Trinitas to learn more about how she and her team use FinishLine Software for inspections and punch lists. Karen, and others at Trinitas, work together on the design and development of the new projects at Trinitas. Karen also works on the marketing, leasing and overall operations of these, and existing, projects.

Before FinishLine

As both the developer and builder, Trinitas conducts project inspections to maintain quality assurance and to keep tasks on track during the construction process. Prior to adopting FinishLine in 2013, Trinitas relied solely on manual methods for managing their inspections.

Karen said, “like any manual process, it was time-consuming, things got lost, and it took too long to update the data." When they determined the pencil and paper method was unsustainable for their inspections, they began to review several punch list management solutions on the market. They ultimately chose FinishLine Software based on its capabilities and ease of use.

“like any manual process, it was time-consuming, things got lost, and it took too long to update the data"

Using FinishLine

Trinitas has implemented FinishLine Software on many projects including The Deacon a high-rise 1029-bed community in Cincinnati and The Nest a 784-bed community located in Lawrence, Kansas.

Using FinishLine has enabled Trinitas to streamline how they manage punch items identified during the inspection process until the deficiency has been resolved. Implementing a digital method to compile and track punch list items has made it easier to get everyone on the same page.

Attaching photos of punch list items is a quick way to show additional details from inspections. The flexible user permissions in FinishLine allows everyone to see which team created the punch list item and who is responsible to fix the issue. Karen noted that the FinishLine Pro App is intuitive and that it is easy to show others how to use it.

“We bought it (FinishLine), tried it in 2013, and loved it”

Improved Processes

When Trinitas upgraded to using FinishLine 7 years ago, they began to experience time savings on multiple levels. Inspections were improved by clarifying details about punch list items, specifying the punch list item location, and making the process more accurate. Communication amongst the owner and construction teams has been streamlined when punch list items require additional attention prior to resolution. Adding notes and photos from inspections in FinishLine has helped everyone save hours as a team.

Customer Service

Karen emphasized that FinishLine Software’s customer service has stood out over the years, mentioning that, "the service we receive with FinishLine is amazing." As new properties reach the inspection stage and new software features become available, the Trinitas team typically updates their project setup in FinishLine. When such changes are needed or any questions arise, Karen said it has been easy to receive support from FinishLine via a quick phone call or email.

"the service we receive with FinishLine is amazing"

FinishLine is proud to serve as the digital punch list and inspection tool for Trinitas.

To learn more about how FinishLine Software streamlines construction inspections and punch lists, please request a demo.

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FinishLine streamlines punch lists and inspections

Learn how Trinitas has been using FinishLine Software since 2013 to improve their inspections