Test Your Punch List App

How do you measure up?

Does your punch list app display different views based on your permissions?


Powerful permission settings

With FinishLine's permission settings you can limit who sees which type of items and specific project areas in the program.

This can help to streamline inspections, issue resolution, and back checks.

Same Plan - Different View: Permission settings based on role or user type

What each user views in FinishLine is simplified, based on their responsibilities. For example, a subcontractor such as an electrician can only view their items. Since general contractors need to see all items, they have a comprehensive view of outstanding items.

Permission settings based on inspection area

Have a large project with multiple subcontractors for the same trade? During project setup we can assign specific subcontractors to work in particular areas or specific buildings. For example, one plumber will only be assigned to particular floors, while a different plumber can only see items on the other floors.

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