Test Your Punch List Skills

How do you measure up?

Can you add photos to individual checklist items?


Powerful checklist features

With FinishLine's checklist options you can attach photos, signatures, and plan annotations to individual checklist items.

Load different types of checklists, like pre-pour, in-wall, above ceiling, safety, and site inspection.

FinishLine checklists eliminate outdated paper spreadsheets.

checklist attachments
checklist item

What makes FinishLine checklists unique?

Every checklist item is a separate record in the FinishLine database that can be searched, filtered and reported on, not just a page of checklist items.

Need to see all of the instances where XYZ sub-contractor hasn’t completed “their” items in the checklist?

FinishLine can do that.

Checklists in Action: Final Unit Turnovers

Is your team closing out a condo or apartment project?

Use FinishLine to handle the final walkthrough and document tasks during unit turnovers.

Include photos of the finished project, so if issues arise, you have true records in a database you can access months and years later.


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