Upgrade to single source for all your observation information

Architects, Owners and Construction Managers observe the project, in the field, from ground breaking to ribbon cutting. Using FinishLine to record these observations is simple to do and gives a single source for all inspection/observation information.

Field Observations are enhanced with FinishLine’s ability to incorporate photos, plan annotations and attached files. Observations in the field can also be edited “in the office” and from a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet, and you can attach files of any kind to an item. You can easily take photos of the issue and annotate right on plan.

Using FinishLine for all your information collected from the field simply makes sense and gives you a complete record. No need to send emails back and forth or make multiple calls trying to explain all of the details. With field observations and plan annotations you can easily and quickly communicate project issues.

To learn more about FinishLine Software and how it can help you with your construction list management please contact us for more details. You may also sign up for a free live online demonstration here.


FinishLine streamlines punch lists