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Safety is Job #1 and everyone’s responsibility. Think of FinishLine as a convenient way to flag safety issues with the least amount of work. Although most safety teams may use another form of technology to track safety related issues, FinishLine can be used in tandem with an existing safety plan

FinishLine makes it easy to document Safety shortcomings as they arise and complete regularly scheduled proactive Safety Checklists. You can use both these types of lists for your safety inspections in the field with the FinishLine Pro App.

Using Safety Icons in FinishLine

Safety icons like a bright red Flame or Ladder icon in the FinishLine Pro App enhances everyone's awareness so hazards can be identified and resolved ASAP.

Various inspection types can be defined in FinishLine, making the Safety Inspection type available to all inspectors which expands your “eyes” in the field. Since all inspectors will already know how to create items in FinishLine, using the same tool for checklists and safety simplifies the process.

Including safety issue photos from inspections provide extra documentation for project deficiencies. These photos will be included with safety issues to bring more awareness to the team.

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