Identify Issues. Take Action. Reduce Risk.

Safety is Job #1 and everyone’s responsibility. Think of FinishLine as a super convenient way to flag safety issues with the least amount of effort. You can easily track safety issues you see on the job site and assign them to the Safety Manager from your device.

Although most companies safety team may use another form of technology to track safety issues, FinishLine can be used in tandem with an existing safety plan to increase awareness of safety issues.

FinishLine makes it very easy to both document Safety shortcomings and complete Safety Checklists.

There are essentially two types of lists: Reactive and Proactive. Both types are necessary and have their specific advantages and uses. You can use both these types of lists for your safety inspections in the field via the FinishLine Pro app on your tablet or smartphone.

Reactive lists begin with a blank piece of paper and as you inspect you react to something you see during inspection and add it to your list. A safety walkthrough observation is a good example of this kind of list.

Proactive lists begin with pre-determined checklist items that you are going to “Check off” as you observe their completion. Inspections designed to detect issues before “it’s too late” are better suited as a checklist to insure you don’t miss anything.

Using Safety Icons in FinishLine

FinishLine can incorporate easily identifiable icons to mark Safety problems. Having a bright red Flame or Ladder or Forklift icon, enhances everyone's awareness of the problem.

FinishLine has the ability to define various inspection types. Making the Safety Inspection type available to all inspectors gives the added benefit of expanding your safety “eyes” to all of your inspection professionals. The fact that all inspectors already know how to create an “item” in FinishLine, using the same tool for Construction Lists and Safety makes this simple and doable.

You may also snap safety issue photos in the field, then mark them up to provide documentation for pending issues to address. These photos will correspond with the safety icons on the plan view to bring more awareness to the team so that safety issues can be addressed.

Give FinishLine a test drive today to see how you can improve your safety inspections. You can try out the FinishLine Pro app right on your own smartphone or tablet. Request a live online demonstration or fill out the contact us form.


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