Manage the warranty process during and after construction

Warranty Tracking

The Construction and the Warranty periods can become disconnected since processes and personnel often change during closeouts. Using FinishLine for warranties is a no-brainer, as observing and documenting deficiencies simply shifts from inspectors to owners/operators.

With inspection types and powerful permissions, project owners and operators can use FinishLine to report issues that arise. The warranty coordinator can then verify and determine next steps. The same efficiencies gained during the punch process can also be experienced during the warranty period.

FinishLine also can offer the project owner, with original licensee permission, a Transfer License and FinishLine can be used indefinitely by the owner/operator for ongoing maintenance and building upgrades. This option provides the owner operator with the same FinishLine benefits that were realized during the construction phase.

When it comes to effective warranty management, attention to detail is key. With warranty checklists, FinishLine will enable you to track various types of information - all in one place. Once information is entered and synced with FinishLine servers, you will have easy access it with and a backup record.

With FinishLine filters, you can easily see the different types of data. Need to find and create a list of warranties that are due on a certain day, week, or month? FinishLine can do that.


FinishLine Software will save you crucial time and money while trying to track numerous warranties.

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