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What FinishLine Software clients say

"FinishLine is a great tool for being able to communicate more quickly and efficiently all the way through the different tiers of contractors."

Jared Hazard, Project Manager for Construction Services at Aimco

“Once subs became familiar with FinishLine, they really appreciated it, because you can pinpoint the exact location of the issue on a floor plan, attach a picture to it…and they know exactly where to go with the room number and everything.”

Sam Van Cleve, Director of Quality Control at Benchmark Construction

“We bought it (FinishLine), tried it in 2013, and loved it. The service we receive with FinishLine is amazing."

Karen Caprarella, Vice President of Property Operations at Trinitas Ventures

Matt said the timesaving for Power was “substantial” as they had several thousand items in FinishLine on a large project. Matt shared, “I can’t even imagine what that would have taken if we had to manage that data in Excel.”

Matt Fahey, Project Superintendent at Power Construction Company