Use punch list software to manage various items

Use FinishLine to track FF&E (furniture, fixtures, equipment) items or other inventory related items. Document and manage inventory items at any stage of the construction period. FinishLine is an easy to use location-based system that allows you to quickly navigate from room to room during field inspections inputting data to keep track of FF&E or other items.

Some clients use FinishLine to manage large items like heavy machinery and mechanical room equipment. Customizable lists makes it easy to track smaller items like movable furniture in hotel rooms. Using photos and annotations helps to communicate QA/QC issues such as scratches on furniture or the exact location for plants or artwork to be placed.

FinishLine may also be used to manage remediation, which is often an issue in remodels and rehabs. Inspectors can record details and track progress of each remediation item through completion, including delivery of materials and final inspections. FinishLine can also record numeric quantities and costs, and make calculations, which are especially useful for tracking material expenses.

FinishLine may also be used for safety observations, improving QA/QC, and keeping track of warranty issues. To learn more about FinishLine Software, please request a demo.


FinishLine streamlines punch lists