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There are essentially two types of lists: Reactive and Proactive.

Both types are necessary and have their specific advantages and uses.

Reactive lists begin with a blank piece of paper and as you inspect you react to something you see during inspection and add it to your list. A punch list or a defect list are good examples of this kind of list.

Proactive lists begin with pre-determined checklist items that you are going to “check off” as you observe their completion. Inspections designed to detect issues before “it’s too late” are better suited as proactive checklists and insure you don’t miss anything.

The Power of FinishLine Checklists

FinishLine has a very flexible and powerful checklist feature that can be used for QA/QC functions like Pre-Cover and Pre-Pour inspections. Each individual list item can be assigned as the responsibility of a particular party and FinishLine will notify those parties of items that aren’t acceptable and are not ready to be checked off.

FinishLine makes this process simple in that any item that doesn’t get checked off becomes a deficiency for the party assigned and those items are reported to them through the normal reporting and distribution functions within FinishLine.

What makes FinishLine checklists unique? Every checklist item is a separate record in the FinishLine database that can be searched, filtered and reported on, not just a page of checklist items. If you want to see all of the instances where XYZ sub-contractor hasn’t completed “their” items in the checklist, FinishLine can do that.

FinishLine Checklists can also capture additional information about any particular checklist items including comments, quantities, costs, a user defined field that can contain pull downs, list boxes or additional comments.

FinishLine has you covered.

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