A powerful punch list app for construction

The FinishLine Pro App is a flexible system built to streamline the construction punch list and inspection process from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting. It's an easy to use app, which means it gets used. Many in the construction industry are still using old methods of punch lists and inspecting.


Some construction teams have yet to take the leap as it's common to fear it might take a lot of time to learn a new system or they've fallen into a routine of using their old system. Because FinishLine Software is an intuitive and turnkey system, making the transition is easy. Read on to learn how the old way of punch lists compares to the new way of punch lists.
The FinishLine Pro App was designed to mimic the punch list inspection process, but in an efficient manner that reduces errors. The basic punch list process: inspect in the field, collect information, compile information, then distribute reports. What used to take hours with the old punch list method, now takes minutes with FinishLine. Watch the short video below to see the President and co-founder of FinishLine Software, Robert McIntosh discuss the old methods of punch list management vs. new methods.
"FinishLine allows for collaboration between users. All users can login to one platform and make updates."

Chris Newcomb, Project Superintendent at Power Construction

Simplified data entry, efficient inspections, and better assignments are here. To learn more about FinishLine Software, view a demonstration video. Have questions or need more information about how to improve your construction punch lists and inspections? Please contact us, we're here to help.


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