Let's make your work easier, whatever your job title might be

I'm with a construction management group

I have a project with a large number of rooms and spaces to inspect


Construction management group solutions

- Access project plan views to note the precise location of outstanding items and attach additional details for subcontractors.

- Review recent project details and status updates in the FinishLine dashboard.

- Use photos and annotations to further communicate project details and spare that second or third trip back to the job site for further re-inspection.

- FinishLine is the perfect solution for OAC teams to communicate and come to agreement on project status.

I’m an owner/developer

I want to have more control over OAC teams and project close-out

Owner/Developer solutions

- FinishLine licensing covers unlimited users. Enroll construction management, contractors, and architects to collaborate on punch list and other inspections for orderly and efficient close-out

- Dashboard analytics provide feedback to OAC group - Repetitive issues easy to identify and address, progress reports

- Solid records you can refer to in the future

I'm a contractor

I have projects with many items and I need one place to track deficiencies

Contractor solutions

- Access all your projects from a device to keep track of project progress while inputting new issues as they arise.

- Get your project managers and superintendents on board with an easy to use and powerful software system.

- Use the dynamic FinishLine dashboard to track deficiencies and review project timelines.

I'm an architect

I work with owners and construction management groups to resolve issues

Architect solutions

- Access project drawings to assign and document punch list items.

- Communicate punch list items to stakeholders with ease.

- Collaborate with construction team and owner rep to facilitate smooth close-out.

I’m a homebuilder

I have at least 5 single family homes under construction and I want to track inspections during construction, owner delivery and after-sale warranty

Homebuilder solutions

- Reduces or eliminates excessive phone calls from subcontractors like: “I can’t find it” and “What do you mean?”.

- Distribute reports for outstanding items via email to your subcontractors and team members in a matter of minutes.

- Provide accurate and up-to-date project data status and timeline updates to your clients, backed by real data.

I’m a manufacturer

I want to track high-end manufactured items down an assembly line, through final finish, PDI and to customer delivery

Manufacturer solutions

- Improve product quality assurance and reduce production times from start to finish with spot-on quality management capabilities.

- Use photos and annotations to provide extra details about item deficiencies within seconds.

- Distribute reports via email to delegate tasks to the responsible parties.

I’m a subcontractor

I want to pre-inspect my own work, track down deficiencies and resolve them before the contractor inspects the project

Subcontractor solutions

- Cross all of your T’s and dot your I’s with FinishLine. Double check the status of your work prior to inspection.

- Receive reports via email from inspectors, superintendents, or owners. Know what you need to do in a matter of seconds.

- Check off the tasks you’ve done with ease, right from your device. Then the boss will know your job has been completed.

Other Roles

I don't fit into any of these categories and I need a customized visual list management solution
Other Roles

Great. Since FinishLine is a flexible system, we can customize it to suit your needs.

Please get in touch with us by filling out the contact us form and we’ll contact you. In the meantime, check out the project spotlights to see FinishLine in action.


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