Let's make your work easier, whatever your job title might be

I'm with a construction management group

I have a project with a large number of rooms and spaces to inspect


Construction management group solutions

- Access project plan views to note the precise location of outstanding items and attach additional details for subcontractors.

- Review recent project details and status updates in the FinishLine dashboard.

- Use photos and annotations to further communicate project details and spare that second or third trip back to the job site for further re-inspection.

- FinishLine is the perfect solution for OAC teams to communicate and come to agreement on project status.

I’m an owner/developer

I want to have more control over OAC teams and project close-out

Owner/Developer solutions

- FinishLine licensing covers unlimited users. Enroll construction management, contractors, and architects to collaborate on punch list and other inspections for orderly and efficient close-out

- Dashboard analytics provide feedback to the OAC group

- Repetitive issues are easy to identify and address with progress reports

- Solid records you can refer to in the future

I'm a contractor

I have projects with many items and I need one place to track deficiencies

Contractor solutions

- Access all your projects from a device to keep track of project progress while inputting new issues as they arise.

- Get your project managers and superintendents on board with an easy to use and powerful software system.

- Use the dynamic FinishLine dashboard to track deficiencies and review project timelines.

I'm an architect

I work with owners and construction management groups to resolve issues

Architect solutions

- Access project drawings to assign and document punch list items.

- Communicate punch list items to stakeholders with ease.

- Collaborate with construction team and owner rep to facilitate smooth close-out.

I’m a homebuilder

I have at least 5 single family homes under construction and I want to track inspections during construction, owner delivery and after-sale warranty

Homebuilder solutions

- Reduces or eliminates excessive phone calls from subcontractors like: “I can’t find it” and “What do you mean?”.

- Distribute reports for outstanding items via email to your subcontractors and team members in a matter of minutes.

- Provide accurate and up-to-date project data status and timeline updates to your clients, backed by real data.