Test Your Punch List Skills

How do you measure up?

Can you set a filter to focus on specific punch list items?


Simplify your view of punch list items

Whether you’re inspecting in the field or reviewing punch list items back at the office, it can be helpful to pinpoint specific types of punch list or inspection items. The Filter provides users a customizable view of items in FinishLine. Take a look at a few examples of Filtering below.

Note: the Filter doesn’t delete items, it simply “hides” items outside the Filter’s criteria.

Filter by a specific Task

Let’s say there are several plumbing related issues on a project and the subcontractor assigned to those issues has been working to resolve them. You can set a filter in the FinishLine Pro App to only view plumbing items. In this example, the filter is set to only show items that are assigned as the specific Task of Plumbing.


Filter by a specific Task Description

Set a filter in seconds to save time in the field

Imagine you’re managing 200-unit condo project and there’s been several HVAC issues related specifically to temperature in some, but not all of the units. With FinishLine you can simply set a filter for, Inspection type: Interior, Task: HVAC, Description: Temperature.

Then, when you’re inspecting in the field, you can easily see which units are affected in the Navigation window.


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