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September 13, 2023
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September 18, 2023

Procore Connect: DayOne and Procore Punch List Integration

Blog: September 18, 2023

As Procore Groundbreak kicks off, DayOne Solutions wanted to offer our own groundbreaking feature. DayOne Solutions is proud to introduce Procore Connect.  We heard you and listened. You were looking for a solution that specializes in amazing punch process and platform but does not have to live independently. DayOne Solutions decided to connect our platform directly to Procore.


Simple and no need to do add in in multiple places. Use DayOne to create your punch items and it will automatically create the same punch items inside of the Procore platform. Create as many punch items as you wish on as many plan views as you want and all of them connect directly to Procore.  

Lastly, not only do the items published between the platforms but if you open up that punch item inside of Procore and modify it, those modifications go back downstream to DayOne Solutions. Additionally, if you take several items inside a Procore and bulk close them, they not only bulk close inside of Procore they close inside of DayOne solutions also. Bi-directional punch list items between two platforms, now that's groundbreaking.

Visit Dayonesolution.io to learn more.

Safe Travels to GroundBreak!


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DayOne and Procore Punch List tool can connect for better efficiency and workflow